About KGN Stone Art


KGN Stone Art is a marble Inlay manufacturing handicraft online store from where you can purchase different type of marble Inlay products As.Wall decorative Inlay work.Marble Inlay tableTop.marble Inlay work plates.For Home decor.Marble Inlay Chess board.marble home decor.marble elephants.marble inlay flower vase.marble jewelry box.marble fruit bowl.marble tajmahal.marble. candle holder.We are providing you our best service for. marble Inlay flooring designs.wooden Mop Inlay Work.Wall decorative Inlay work.marble inlay work tiles for bathroom.Our journey began in 2017 and our eminent source of inspiration was redefining the shrinking essence of the Indian architecture. The Marble Handicrafts has been the preserver of the Indian history, also known as the art of Parchinkari. This is the art which adorns the grace of one of the seven wonders of the world, the enshrining example of the Indian architecture i.e. The Taj Mahal.


Our company specializes in providing you the best and reliable services of Marble Inlay Art For Home Decorative , Marble Flooring , Marble Inlay Work For Temples etc.

  • Marble Inlay Flooring Design
  • Marble Wall Design
  • Agate Panel Work
  • Brass Inlay Work


No refund policy after the initiation of crafting in the first phase or after changes in crafting and customer approval.

No refund policy after the selection of stone colour, and craftsmanship.

We have a no refund option after placing any order and the customer's approval (by sending crafting photos).

In custom craft, the craft may change its original shape and size. (In this case, we do not have a refund policy)

Stone craft-making time may increase. (In this case, we do not have a refund policy)


We are equipped with all the technology required to design and produce these excellent pieces of art. Our exceptional in-house staff of artisans and designers can fulfill any special requirement. Our unrestricted custom capabilities enable production of specific items as desired. Different kinds of tools and machines used by us in our workhouse are:

  • Polishing Machine
  • Cutting Tools
  • Planer
  • Electric saw
  • Circular saw


We embed quality in each of our products through quality control programs that involve regular quality control checks. Close observation at each stage of manufacturing process and sample testing ensures that a strict regimen of quality checks & controls is being is followed in our premises. We also ensure that we use the finest marble and paper, that lasts longer and can be easily maintained.


To ensure safe delivery of our products we pack our products in a careful manner. These are packed using:

  • Inner Packing
  • Thermocol
  • Poly bags
  • Bubble packs
  • Outer Packing
  • Wooden Crates
  • Cartons