Blue Agate Circular LazySusan, the edges of each piece are electroplated (not gold leaf or gilded, which may rub off) with beautiful thick metallic GOLD/SILVER/ROSE GOLD.Hand hewn from natural agate and trimmed with brass plating, this incredibly ornate countertop is roomy enough for all your dishes for any occasion, from cozy meals to dinner parties. Natural stone will vary in color, and appearance Each piece has 4 rubber pads to avoid scratching the surface Available in 12", 14", 16" diameter Hand wash Can do Gold, Silver and Copper edging

Product Specifications:

  • Sizes: Customizable
  • Price : In Square Feet
  • Shapes: Round, Rectangular, Octagonal, Hexagonal
  • Quality: High Quality
  • Finish: Excellent finish
  • Durability: Long Lasting
  • Use: Home Decoration, Gifting
  • Shipping: Worldwide