About KGN Stone Art

KGN Stone Art is a marble Inlay manufacturing handicraft online store from where you can purchase different type of marble Inlay products As.Wall decorative Inlay work.Marble Inlay tableTop.marble Inlay work plates.For Home decor.Marble Inlay Chess board.marble home decor.marble elephants.marble inlay flower vase.marble jewelry box.marble fruit bowl.marble tajmahal.marble. candle holder.We are providing you our best service for. marble Inlay flooring designs.wooden Mop Inlay Work.Wall decorative Inlay work.marble inlay work tiles for bathroom.Our journey began in 2017 and our eminent source of inspiration was redefining the shrinking essence of the Indian architecture. The Marble Handicrafts has been the preserver of the Indian history, also known as the art of Parchinkari. This is the art which adorns the grace of one of the seven wonders of the world, the enshrining example of the Indian architecture i.e. The Taj Mahal.